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Smoothies: The Healthy Alternative

Twenty six of my original recipes for healthy fruit drinks

Price 3.00 including postage & packaging

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Now available a set of 10 A4 laminated GCSE maths revision sheets. These sheets are suitable for the current mathematics  specification.

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Educational Resourses

Since January 2015, I have had a number of resources published on the teach it science website which is now a part of the AQA exam board.

Educational Articles

Below are copies of original educational articles I have produced since 1992. These articles may be of interest to teachers, parents & students, and can be freely downloaded.

All articles are PDF documents, and can be downloaded by right clicking the relevant link & save to your hard drive. Please note that you will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader, version 4 or higher on your computer to read these files.

Exams Cancelled 2020

In response to summer examinations being cancelled in 2020, I wrote the following letter to OFQAl outlining my concerns regarding this decision.

Report: Balancing the Debate

This report is my response to the report, "Private Tuition - a waste of money?" by J Ireson & K Rushforth, released by the Institute of Education, April 2005.

A Short History of the British University

In 1999, I was asked about education in nineteenth century England, the article "A Short History of the British University" contains my response to this request. This article may be of interest to both those planning to attend university or have completed their university study.


This is a short article I wrote in 1992 for the 53rd Garnett Society Journal. The Garnet Society was formed for past students of the Garnett College. This was the first institution to provide teacher training in the further education sector. It was incorporated into Thames Polytechnic now the University of Greenwich. As a Garnett student, I joined the Garnett Society on completing my teacher training, and was a committee member until the winding up of the Garnett Society in the mid 1990's. 

1992 Critical Report on Government Educational Policies for the Engineering Sector

For the final part of my teacher training course, I carried out a detailed study into government educational policies. Asking the question were these deskilling the British work force. The conclusions then made bleak reading and are still relevant today as they point in the direction that the future work force in Britain would not meet the skills required. This is the situation today with the government almost on a daily basis lamenting that we do not produce the required skilled workers that companies need.


Introducing Trigonometry

This is the original copy of the article that was published in the Times Educational Supplement magazine on February 8th 2008, in the My Brilliant Idea section.

This article was also selected by the Times Educational Supplement to form part of the 101 Brilliant Ideas booklet, (Idea Number 15) published in September 2008.


Student Articles

Maths Sequence Problem

This is an interesting sequence problem given by one of my students, it appears that the same answer is always obtained no matter which number is imputed. Students are free to investigate this problem for themselves. If you find a contradiction please e-mail me.



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