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Changes to G.C.S.E, September 2016

From September 2016 there are major changes starting to take place across all G.C.S.E subjects. Initially only English and Mathematics were changed in 2015. The most important change is that across all subject specifications the depth of knowledge will increase. This will bring the new style G.C.S.E's more in line with the old style O-Levels. The grading is changing from letters to numbers, initially 1 to 9. Level 8 and 9 being above the outgoing A grade. For science the main change in assessment is from modular to linear. There will now be two exams in each of the separate sciences at the end of year eleven. Practical investigations are no longer assessed and will not be counted toward's the final overall grade. There will be questions in the final exam concerning experimental technique.  


Changes to A-Levels from September 2016

From September 2015 all A-Level courses are to be linear. Exams will now only be available in June, there will be no January exams available.  


Changes to G. C. S. E from September 2006

This link takes you to a brief summery in PDF format of the main changes that took place for G. C. S. E, Mathematics & Science in September 2006.




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